Legal Address vs Mailing Address 【Key Differences】

Legal Address vs Mailing Address

 Although the terms “legal address” and “mailing address” are often used interchangeably, the two designations denote different things. 

The legal address, our official address, is the one that you use when registering to vote, applying for a driver’s license, and so on, etc. Your mailing address is the one that you give when you want to receive mail at a specific location.

The important distinction that makes a legal address different from a mailing address is permanence—a mailing address may change frequently as a result of your moving from place to place, but a legal address must remain consistent unless there is evidence of fraud. For instance, if you were to register to vote in, one state and then move to another for work before taking up residence there permanently.

Key Differences Simplified

  • Legal addresses: can change over time but they are typically fixed addresses that don’t move around & are usually found on Identity cards or driving licenses etc.
  • Mailing addresses: is a physical location that someone sends their mail to, like their home or business.


Legal AddressesMailing Addresses
Legal addresses are typically used in legal documents and government records, such as tax documents and your driver’s license.The mailing address is what you put on your envelopes when sending mail, and it’s where someone will send mail back to you if they don’t know where you live.
They’re also used when you apply for things like utilities, insurance policies, and credit cards.Since this is your public-facing identity in all matters of mail, it should be current and accurate, but doesn’t necessarily need to be tied to any sort of official registration.

Difference between legal addresses and mailing addresses

Legal Address vs Mailing Address difference

A legal address can be different from your mailing address, which is the one used for sending mail or parcels. There are many reasons to have a legal address, and it is often a good idea for business owners who want to establish their legitimacy in the world and make sure their property is protected.

Can your mailing address be different from your physical address?

The post office considers your mailing address to be the same thing as your legal address, meaning anything sent to you by mail should be received by you at the place where you receive your mail. Physical address example, if you are renting a home and your landlord uses your name and mailing address in order to receive their property tax bill or utility bill, then you should be sure that any other bills you receive are also sent to your mailing address.

Is my mailing address and home address are same?

are mailing address and home address same

Lawyers, bankers, and other professionals who deal with sensitive or private documents are often advised to keep their home addresses private for safety reasons. However, the nature of modern technology has blurred the lines between a mailing and a home address.

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Does your mailing address have to be where you live?

difference between mailing address and home address

The short answer is that your mailing address doesn’t have to be where you live, but it can be. So it’s highly dependent on your specific situation.

Mailing Address vs Physical address

  • Mailing address: The address used by a mailer to forward mail from the destination address to the addressee
  • Physical address: The address used on an envelope to forward letters, packages or other documents.

Street Address vs Mailing Address

Street addresses and mailing addresses are different things and are for two different purposes. A street address is used for navigation and delivery of mail that’s related to your business or job. What is a mailing address? A mailing address is used for receiving domestic or personal mail that isn’t related to professional purposes. It’s also the same as a physical address.

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