Is Underglow Legal in Texas? [BEFORE You Use]

Is Underglow Legal in Texas

In the auto industry, underglow lights are very high in demand. People who have sports cars love to install underglow neon lights under them. These lights make your car beautiful and give it an attractive look. Available in almost 150 color shades, underglow lights are primarily used as modifications to give cars an aesthetic look. There are two types of underglow lights:

  • Neon
  • Led lights

While some states in the US have banned underglow lights including Michigan and Maine, Texas isn’t one of them. If anyone were found flashing these lights in public would have paid a heavy fine. Underglow lights are legal until they are not lit in public. Red, blue and green colors are prohibited because these lights are used in emergencies.

Is car underglow legal in Texas?

Yes, underglow lights are legal in Texas but there are some rules you need to follow. All colors are acceptable but red and blue are highly prohibited. You can use any neon flashing light on the streets.

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Texas Underglow Laws

Texas Underglow Laws

In Texas, there is no law on aftermarket accessories of vehicles, especially for non-essential lights. Neon underglow is permitted in Texas, but with some restrictions.

  • No oscillating lights and flashing lights are allowed on any vehicle. Only the police department and ambulance will use oscillating lights in times of emergency.
  • No red light is allowed on the front side of the vehicle.
  • Red lights are only allowed on the rear side.
  • Blue light is also prohibited as underglow.

What underglow colors are illegal?

Red and blue colors are illegal to be used as underglow neon lights. These colors sometimes distract the drivers by police cars. In almost every state in the USA, the law prohibited the use of red and blue lights.

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Are led car lights illegal in texas?

led light laws texas

All types of interior led lights are legal while any exterior lights (especially headlights) that produce red or blue light are forbidden. There’s a chance your car gets stopped & fined by police for using any color that’s synonymous with security forces. Only white led bulbs are allowed on headlamps.

Are interior led lights illegal in texas?

In Texas, you can add any led lights to your interior. No law in Texas restricts the installation of lights in the interior.

Can you drive around with a public glow?

Yes, you can until your lights are not flashing and are covered on the public roads. And also don’t flash red and blue flashing lights.

What headlights are illegal in texas?

What headlights are illegal in texas

Blub colors or tints like red, yellow, and green are prohibited in Texas. All headlights should have yellow or white blub. According to the Texas, law headlamps must deliver white or either yellow light.

Are ice blue headlights illegal inTexas?

According to the public safety department of Texas, you need a stamp from the transportation department or the respective traffic department.

Are wheel lights legal in texas?

These lights can only be used in drag races or drift competitions. It’s not permissible to use wheel lights in public because these lights can distract people.

How much does underglow cost?

Underglow lights cost more than 50 dollars. You can easily buy them from any auto store or through an online store. There’s a huge variety available.


Red and blue lights are prohibited in Texas. The reason behind this is to avoid accidents. The red and blue lights sometimes distract people. There is one more behind it to avoid people mistakenly understanding the police car. Because the police department uses blue oscillating lights.

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