Is Underglow Legal in NJ? [UPDATED 2023]

Is Underglow Legal in NJ?

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The mesmerizing glow of underglow lights has captivated car enthusiasts, offering a unique way to express their style on the road.

Is Underglow Legal in New Jersey?

Yes, underglow is generally considered legal in NJ & aren’t explicitly prohibited. When it comes to underglow lights, New Jersey has clear regulations in place. The state generally prohibits the use of underglow lights on vehicles, making their installation and operation illegal. This strict stance is rooted in the aim of maintaining road safety and preventing distractions that may endanger drivers and pedestrians.

Can You Get Pulled Over for Underglow in New Jersey?

Law enforcement officers in New Jersey actively enforce the prohibition on underglow lights. If an officer notices a vehicle with underglow lights that violate state regulations, they have the authority to pull the vehicle over.

What Color Underglow Can You Have in NJ?

Is Underglow Legal in NJ?

New Jersey’s regulations do not make any exceptions based on underglow light colors. Regardless of the hue, the use of underglow lights is generally prohibited in the state. The focus is on ensuring compliance with the law rather than allowing specific color variations.

What Underglow Colors Are Prohibited in NJ?

In New Jersey, all underglow colors are generally prohibited. The state’s regulations do not differentiate between colors or provide any exceptions for specific shades. Car owners should refrain from using underglow lights of any color to avoid violating New Jersey’s regulations.

Can You Have LED Lights Under Your Car in NJ?

Is Underglow Legal in NJ?

New Jersey’s regulations extend to all types of underglow lighting, including those that utilize LED technology. Therefore, the use of LED lights for underglow purposes is generally not permitted in the state.

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How Do Cops in NJ React to Underglow Lights?

Law enforcement officers in New Jersey take a proactive approach when it comes to underglow lights. If an officer observes a vehicle equipped with underglow lighting that violates regulations, they may initiate a traffic stop. It is advisable to refrain from using underglow lights in New Jersey to ensure a smooth and uneventful journey.

When Is Underglow Considered Illegal in NJ?

Is Underglow Legal in NJ?

Underglow lights are considered illegal in New Jersey at all times unless a specific exception is granted by the state. The regulations leave no room for ambiguity, and the use of underglow lights on public roads is generally prohibited. It is crucial to adhere to these regulations to avoid potential legal consequences.


Navigating the legal landscape surrounding underglow lights in New Jersey requires a thorough understanding of the state’s regulations. While underglow lights offer an alluring way to enhance the aesthetics of vehicles, it is important to respect the law and prioritize road safety. With the use of underglow lights generally prohibited in New Jersey, car enthusiasts should explore alternative means of vehicle customization to stay on the right side of the law. By adhering to the regulations and considering alternative options, drivers can ensure a safe and compliant journey on the roads of the Garden State.

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