Is Underglow legal in Florida? 2023 [BEFORE You Use]

Is Underglow legal in Florida

Underglow lights are neon lights embedded under cars to improve their appearance. Changing the paint of your car or adding a great sound system can attract people, but installing an under glow kit on your car will be even better & so much cooler.

The concept of an under-glowing car is not only becoming legal in Florida but also all over the world. These kits not only glow your vehicle but also help in regular maintenance of your car’s underbody. One of the advantages of under glowing light is to tell about your existence on the dark or low visibility road. Although they glow a limited range they help in announcing t your presence on the road. In Florida, it has been observed that most car owners used to embed neon lights under their cars which were dangerous for human security. So several glow light laws were designed in Florida.

Florida declared all colors as “legal” under-car light colors except red and blue colors. Under glowing light, laws have been designed for the security of humanity. These glowing lights not only provide safety to highways but also keeps drivers away from distractions.

Is it illegal to have a light under your car in FL?

StateLegal Status of Underglow lights
FloridaThey're legal as the state of FL doesn't prohibit any type of non essential lights.

Under glow, lights are legal in Florida. It’s the coolest way to customize a car. Which not only reflects a person’s mood but also his personality. Under glow, the light becomes illegal when they are against Florida rules.

Underbody lights are legal only when they are of any color, except blue and red. Because these colors have been reserved for law enforcement. When it comes to blue and red colors then these under glow lights become illegal to have under your car in Florida.

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Which under glowing colors are illegal to have on your car?

underglow laws florida

Red and blue colored under glow have been declared illegal in Florida. Blue-colored under glow is specifically prohibited on cars as this color has been reserved for emergency situations by the higher authorities of Florida. Under glowing your vehicle with colors that are outside the Florida law can lead you to pay fines and penalties. Displaying red or blue color or any combination of these colors with white light can lead you to severe penalties.

Neons are loaded with gas. The neon gas only produces red color, but other fundamental gasses help you deliver 150 colors. Flashing neon lights is prohibited in the USA. You cannot flash a red, blue, or green light. Sooner or later, you will get caught by any law enforcement department in flashing neon lights. These lights distract the drivers and if you still believe that it’s not true, then read our article below. It can turn your mind to think about why these lights distract drivers.

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Are Interior led lights illegal in Florida?

Driving with interior led lights is fun, and they aren’t illegal. In Florida, it’s illegal to use any flashing color as an interior led light. Since embedding led lights on your car is a safer approach for both drivers and passengers. Although it isn’t illegal to have interior lights on but still it may be distracting and disturbing.

Red and blue lights are prohibited for the exterior. Because red and blue lights are used by police and ambulance, so by avoiding this understanding, these lights are not permitted for public vehicles. You can use white on the front side and amber on the flank. Rear lights must be red.

Are exterior led lights legal in Florida?

Yes, they’re legal as there is no infringement regulation in Florida’s legal code to have white led lights, any other colors might cause you inconvenience.

Is car under glow illegal?

underglow legal status

Car underglow isn’t prohibited in Florida. It is human nature that they always want to attract the world towards themselves. Embedding under glowing light into his car in an attempt to attract people towards yourself isn’t a crime. But a car under glow may be illegal in several cases.

When you are driving on a public street with an under glow light in your car you’ll be caught up. Because at these places drivers and travelers may get distracted or may be confused with police vehicles. Different states have different glowing laws. States having huge amounts of traffic have designed their own rules for maximizing their nation’s safety.

Is it illegal to smoke headlights in Florida?

Yes, it is illegal to smoke headlights in Florida. According to Florida laws, you cannot place anything on your lights that can change the white color. The reason behind this is that colors other than white might distract other fellow drivers & may hinder their vision of the road, enhancing the possibility of accidents.

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Are fog lights legal in Florida?

Are fog lights legal in Florida FL

Fog lights are legal in Florida; you can use white, amber, and yellow color fog lights. But now companies are making red, purple-blue, etc., which are very dangerous for human eyes. As such, there is no ordinance made on fog lamps.

What headlights are illegal in Florida?

Headlights other than white, amber & yellow are illegal in Florida. According to the Florida statute, headlights must produce white colors.

Can I drive having under glow on my car?

driving with underglow Florida

Yes, it’s completely legal to drive around with these underglow neons. Remember that you’re under glowing light colors shouldn’t be red or blue otherwise, you have to face several legal proceedings if you break Florida rules.

Florida law doesn’t prohibit any additional car accessories. Now you are probably wondering that is this rule also implemented on underflow light. The answer is affirmative, but there are some rules you should have to follow.

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How much time Does It Take to embed under glow On a Car?

Embedding an under glow on your car may take 5 hours or more. These under-glowing kits usually are user-friendly and easy to embed, but still, all the mechanisms for fixing it may irritate or anxious but the result would be a gorgeous, shiny, and attractive car.

One of the most selling accessories in the car industry is under glow, or you may say ground effects lighting. The most accessible word for under glow light is neon lights attached underside of the car. The lights illuminate the ground whenever you press the button. You can also change the colors of these lights by using these buttons.

How much does Underglow cost?

Traditionally they cost around $50, but ones with adjustable colors or more features may be more costly. The cost of underglow lights depends upon the quality of led bulbs. These lights come with ten lead bulbs that also fit in wheels.

Are ice blue headlights illegal in Florida?

The answer is no, no one can use blue headlights in Florida. The police departments only use blue headlights. There is a heavy penalty for using blue lights in Florida. Maybe you will lose your driving license.


Florida government doesn’t prohibit the under-glowing kits as long as they aren’t of red or blue colors. Glowing your kit under your car is illegal on public roads and highways. Also, they should remain covered and unlit for the safety of people. To stay completely within the law without any chance of traffic tickets, it’s always best to turn under glow lights off while driving on public roads or public streets.

So all in all red & blue lights are illegal in Florida. You can not use them as under glow lights in your cars. one of the most recurring car accidents is due to flashing red and blue lights. Try to avoid these lights. Use white or yellow lights.

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