Is Underglow Illegal In UK? [Neon & More Colors] | Guide 2023

Is Underglow Illegal UK

Underglow lights are attached underside of the vehicle, and it is the best way to personalize your car to make it more eye attaching. Underglow lights give a cool ambiance to the car, but at the same time, they can buy you a ticket to jail if you don’t follow the laws regarding underglow lights.

The Road Vehicle Lightening Regulation covers some strict rules regarding the fitting and site of these lights. If you are going for car lighting modification, read this article because here we will discuss under glow light laws.

Is Underglow Illegal in the United Kingdom in 2023?

The simple answer is, adding under glow lights to your car is not illegal in UK. However, some specific guidelines are guided regarding the colors of lights you can display on your cars and their particular placement.

Legally you can put white and yellow lights in the front and red in the back of the car, white light for reversing, and amber for the indicator. And it is not allowed to use blue lights in any direction on a vehicle because it can be confused with any emergency vehicle.

Can You Use Underglow While Driving?

Can You Use Underglow While Driving In The UK

You can use underglow while driving in the UK, but there are restrictions regarding using some specific colors under the car. For instance, using blue under lights (the blue color is for emergency vehicles) and green lights (the doctors call us the green light) is prohibited. Both are the colors for the emergency vehicles.

Moreover, using the red light in the front of the car is also undesirable because it can confuse the drivers at night regarding the car’s direction.

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Are Blue, Red, or Green Underglow Lights Legal?

Blue, red, and green underglow lights are not legal because these colors are reserved for emergency vehicles & law enforcement agencies. However, the laws of the UK allow the use of any color on private property. While in the public area, you can only use white and amber color.

The rule doesn’t just for the neon glow. Any blue, red, or green color light on the windscreen, washer jet, or anywhere in the vehicle could get you a notice and penalty.

Rear Light Restrictions UK

The main expectation of the rear light is red tail light, white reversing light, amber indicator light, and a light to display your number plate. Any display other than these colors can result in a penalty.

Are LED Under Car Lights Legal?

Are LED Under Car Lights Legal UK

LED car lights are legal, but there are some restrictions regarding the selection of the color. Most of the areas of the UK allow the use of the glowing light if they are not red, green, or blue. However, if you want to use any of these colors under the car, then try to drive the car only in a private area.

The use of flashing lights under the car is also prohibited because it can blur the view of fellow drivers.

Are Underglow Lights Illegal In Ireland?

Yellow, white, and amber colors under light are legal in Ireland. Red color under light can also be used but only in the back of the car. Use of the blue color light is strictly prohibited, anyone putting blue light under the car could face considerable penalties.

Is Purple Underglow Illegal?

Is Purple Underglow Illegal UK

Using the purple color underglow or flashing light is prohibited. The use of purple headlights is also not desirable. So, avoid using the purple color and try to use yellow or amber color lights.

Are Smoked Lights Illegal?

Smoked lights look quite attractive and give a new classy look to the vehicle, but unfortunately, smoked lights are not approved by the laws of the UK. According to the regulations, the lights should not be covered, as covering, lights can be a major safety hazard.

According to the law, the headlights should be bright enough to illuminate the road ahead clearly.

What Car Mods Are Illegal In The UK?

We all know the basic rules of driving, but there are several laws that we don’t know, and violating these laws could be dangerous for you. So, we will tell you about some illegal car modes.

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Use of neon and tinted under lights. The use of neon lights is strictly prohibited since they can be a source of distraction for other drivers.

Tinted Window

Some level of tint might be acceptable, but all black-out windows are strictly prohibited.

Engine modification

You are inviting trouble if you want engine modification. Engine modification is not only against the law but has high safety hazards.

Spoiled spoilers

Drivers modify the spoilers to make their vehicles even faster. If the police catch improperly attached spoilers, they might remove them immediately, and you will have to face a penalty.

Are LED Light Bars Legal In Ireland & UK?

LED light bars are legal in the United Kingdom and Ireland because new LED bars meet UNECE and European technical standards. LED lights are brighter than normal lights, so using the LED light covers while driving on the highways is recommended so you might not blur the view of other drivers.

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Car lights modification looks attractive, but several laws are associated with this modification. Using yellow, white, and amber-colored lights is legal to use. However, using neon, green, blue, and red colors is strictly prohibited. LED lights are legal, yet it is advisable to use LED light bars while driving on the highways.

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