Is Underglow Illegal in Illinois? [ANSWER 2024]

Is Underglow Illegal in Illinois?

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Underglow lights have long been a favorite among car enthusiasts, providing a vibrant and eye-catching aesthetic to vehicles. In this article, we will explore the regulations and restrictions surrounding underglow lights in Illinois, shedding light on why their use is prohibited.


Is Underglow Illegal in Illinois?

Yes, underglow lights are indeed illegal in Illinois. The state’s regulations explicitly prohibit the installation and use of underglow lighting on vehicles. This means that regardless of the specific color or other factors, underglow lights are not permitted within the state’s jurisdiction.


Can You Get Pulled Over for Underglow in Illinois?

As underglow lights are illegal in Illinois, law enforcement officers have the authority to pull over vehicles that have underglow lighting installed.

What Color Underglow Can You Have in Illinois?

Is Underglow Illegal in Illinois?

Given the prohibition of underglow lights, the color of underglow lights becomes irrelevant in Illinois. The state’s regulations do not make exceptions for specific colors or variations. Therefore, all forms of underglow lighting are considered illegal, regardless of their color.

What Underglow Colors Are Prohibited in Illinois?

As mentioned earlier, all underglow colors are prohibited in Illinois. The state’s regulations do not differentiate between colors when it comes to underglow lighting.

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Can You Have LED Lights Under Your Car in IL?

Is Underglow Illegal in Illinois?

No, the use of LED lights for underglow purposes is not permitted in Illinois. The state’s regulations encompass all types of underglow lighting, including those utilizing LED technology. It is essential to comply with these regulations to avoid legal repercussions.

How Do Cops in Illinois React to Underglow Lights?

Law enforcement officers in Illinois are likely to take strict enforcement measures when it comes to underglow lights. It is crucial to avoid using underglow lights to prevent any unnecessary encounters with law enforcement.


In conclusion, the use of underglow lights is not legal in Illinois. The state’s regulations explicitly prohibit their installation and use on vehicles, regardless of color or other factors. Law enforcement officers are authorized to pull over vehicles with underglow lighting, and drivers may face penalties for violating these regulations.

It is essential for car enthusiasts and vehicle owners in Illinois to respect and adhere to the restrictions surrounding underglow lights to ensure compliance with the law.

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