Is Under Glow Legal in California? [BEFORE You Buy]

Is Under Glow Legal in California

Under glow or the neon lights are quite famous nowadays. These lights considerably enhance the beauty of the cars. Neon lights are trendy among car enthusiasts nowadays. The intensity of the under-glow and the other parameters are not fixed by any state, so some car enthusiasts have gone quite far in the craze of the neon light. They have started to use bright and diffused under glow lights, these lights disturb the view and driving of other people on road.

To stop car enthusiasts to misuse these, the Californian government has banned the use of some colors in neon lights, because neon cars can distract the drivers, and accidents can happen. The space for the installation of neon lights is also fixed, if you don’t follow the space recommendation of the government, you might face imprisonment for violating the laws. To avoid any unfortunate event, California has made a set of laws. In this article, we will see California under glow laws.

Is under glow legal in California?

StateUnder Glow Legal Status
CaliforniaIt's legal with a few exceptions.

Yes, according to the under-glow laws by the state of California, under-glow lights are legal, but there are some restrictions. If you want to have the neon light, make sure its intensity is not greater than 0.05 cd (candela), and make sure to choose a diffuse non-glaring light.

Can you have lights under your car in California?

Using the neon lights under your car is legal, but California has banned installing undercarriage lights in some specific areas of care. For instance, the light should not be placed anywhere near the front or rear lights of the car. Neon lights should also be placed 12m away from the navigation lights.

What under-glow colors are legal?

The use of red and blue neon lights is forbidden. You can use lights of any color in your car, but the California government has forbidden using these aforementioned colors. The government has banned these colors as they are restricted for police use.

Are neon lights illegal in California?

Are neon lights illegal in California

Neon lights are not illegal in California, but the state has forbidden the use of some colors. You cannot use the red and blue colors as the neon lights because they will make your cars appear as the cops like.

Is under glow illegal in California under any circumstance?

Under glow is not illegal in California. If you use the right colors of light and the installation place is as per the guidelines. It is completely fine to have neon lights. The state has also made some laws according to the intensity and other parameters of the neon lights, so make sure it reads the DMV standards before choosing the under-glow light in California.

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Are under glow lights illegal in California?

underglow laws california

California has never banned the use of underglow or neon lights, but they have made some laws regarding the use of neon lights in vehicles. Make sure to read and follow the DMV standards of California before purchasing the neon lights.

Why the installation of the flashing light is prohibited in California?

underglow california illegal

The Californian government has banned the use of flashing lights because flashing lights can glare the view of other drivers, and it could result in an accident. So, the flashing lights are banned to ensure safe driving for all.

Bottom line

Nothing Is worse than having a car with a siren behind you. If you want to avoid this in California, then make sure to use the neon light of the correct colors, and don’t forget to install them away from the navigating the lights of the car.

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