Is Lane Splitting Legal in Montana? [2023]

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Montana?

 Is lane splitting legal in Montana? Let us dive into the world of lane-splitting laws in MT. 

Whether you’re a motorcycle enthusiast yearning for the thrill of the open road or simply curious about the rules that govern this daring practice, join us as we explore the ins and outs of lane-splitting legality in Montana.

Familiarizing yourself with the specific lane-splitting laws in Montana will ensure that you can confidently and responsibly utilize this riding tactic within the boundaries of the law, prioritizing both legality and safety.

Is Lane Splitting legal in Montana?

Yes, lane splitting is lgal in Montana as it embraced a significant change in 2021, with lane-splitting becoming officially recognized and allowed in the state. This progressive move has allowed motorcyclists to maneuver through congested roads skillfully.

Lane Splitting Laws Montana

On October 1, 2021, Montana implemented the Montana Senate Bill 9, which legalized lane-splitting across the state. This new law permits motorcyclists to split lanes under certain conditions:

  • Motorcyclists must adhere to a speed limit of 20 mph while lane-splitting.
  • The width of the lane must be adequate to ensure safe passage.
  • Lane-splitting is only allowed when weather and road conditions permit safe and reasonable motorcycle operation.

Motorcyclists must exercise common sense and make responsible decisions while lane-splitting in Montana. Your responsibility as a rider is to assess the road and traffic conditions to determine whether it is appropriate and safe to engage in lane-splitting.

Montana Lane Filtering Bill

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Montana?

Montana has passed a bill (S.B. 9) legalizing lane filtering for motorcycles. The law allows motorcycles to overtake stopped or slow-moving vehicles at speeds below 20 mph and filter between lanes of stopped traffic. The bill took effect on October 1, 2021, making Montana the third U.S. state to recognize lane filtering, following California and Utah.

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Lane Filtering vs Lane Splitting

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Montana?

Lane filtering and lane splitting are two terms that refer to other practices involving motorcycles in traffic.

Lane filtering refers to motorcycles moving between lanes of stopped or slow-moving traffic, typically at intersections or traffic lights. It is commonly done to move to the forefront line and get benefit in traffic flow when the light turns green. Lane filtering is typically done at low speeds and is considered a safer and more accepted practice.

Lane splitting, on the other hand, involves motorcycles riding between lanes of moving traffic at higher speeds. This maneuver is often done when traffic is congested or moving slowly, allowing motorcycles to navigate the gaps between vehicles. Lane splitting is generally seen as more controversial and raises safety concerns due to the higher speeds involved.


Lane splitting is not explicitly legal in Montana. The state does not have certain laws regulating or permitting this practice. It’s essential to know the current rules and regulations regarding lane splitting in Montana as they may evolve. Always prioritize safety on the road and stay informed about any updates or changes in the laws to ensure a responsible and enjoyable riding experience.

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