Is Lane Splitting Legal in Maryland? [LATEST Update] 2023

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Maryland?

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Lane splitting is a topic of interest among motorcyclists and motorists alike, sparking debates and discussions on its legality and safety. 

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Maryland?

No, lane splitting is not legal in Maryland so keep that in mind. Lane splitting refers to the act of a motorcyclist riding between lanes of traffic to pass slower-moving vehicles. However, in Maryland, this practice is specifically prohibited by law.

So Can I Filter Lanes in Maryland?

Unfortunately, filtering lanes, which is a similar concept to lane splitting, is also illegal in Maryland. Lane filtering involves motorcycles moving between stationary or slow-moving vehicles to advance through congested traffic. Maryland law does not distinguish between lane splitting and lane filtering, considering both practices illegal.

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Can Motorcycles Lane Filter in Maryland?

No, motorcycles are not permitted to engage in lane filtering or lane splitting within the state of Maryland.

What Is the Penalty for Lane Splitting in Maryland?

Engaging in lane splitting or lane filtering in Maryland can result in legal consequences like fines or even possible jail time.

Why Is Lane Splitting Illegal in Maryland?

The prohibition of lane splitting in Maryland is rooted in the primary concern for safety. Factors such as limited space between vehicles, reduced visibility, and the potential for sudden movements increase the likelihood of accidents and collisions. Maryland lawmakers have prioritized road safety by maintaining a strict stance against lane splitting.

Is Lane Splitting Common in Maryland?

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Maryland?

Due to the explicit prohibition of lane splitting in Maryland, this practice is relatively uncommon within the state. Maryland’s roadways typically do not witness the same prevalence of lane splitting seen in areas where it is legally permitted.


In Maryland, lane splitting and lane filtering are not legal practices for motorcyclists. The state’s laws prioritize safety and discourage the risks associated with these maneuvers. 

As with any traffic regulation, it is crucial to respect the law and exercise caution while traveling on Maryland’s roadways.

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