Is Lane Splitting Legal in Florida? [2023]

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Florida?

 Lane splitting, which is basically driving in the middle of two lanes of traffic, is a contentious issue that has both supporters and critics

The supporters of it contend that it can enhance overall traffic flow, lessen traffic congestion, and give motorcyclists a safer alternative to waiting in traffic. On the other side, opponents voice worries about potential safety issues including an increase in collisions or disputes with other motorists.

 Is Lane Splitting Legal in Florida?

lane splitting is not explicitly legal in Florida. Unlike California, which has specific laws addressing lane splitting, Florida does not have laws that specifically allow or regulate this practice. Therefore, it is generally advised to follow the same rules as other vehicles, which means staying within a designated lane and not passing between lanes of traffic.

Florida Lane Splitting Laws

A thorough analysis using information gathered from the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles revealed an average of 8,694 motorcycle-related accidents occurred between 2018 and 2020.

The fact that motorcycle crashes occur often is probably to blame for Florida’s reluctance to implement lane splitting on its roads. In the state of Florida, lane splitting is prohibited. Florida does not presently have any law that addresses this issue. However, individuals who are found lane splitting may be subject to violations.

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Will Lane Splitting Ever be Legal in FL?

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Florida?

It is not currently being considered in the Florida legislature whether or not lane splitting should be made legal. Despite the fact that lane splitting is prohibited in Florida, it is still a common destination for motorbikes, therefore riders are advised against doing it. Furthermore, because lane splitting is prohibited in Florida, motorcyclists risk receiving a reckless driving ticket and other penalties.

Not to mention, many online petitions requesting support have highlighted the necessity of easing traffic congestion by legalizing lane splitting in Florida. However, as of 2022, no legislation legalizing lane splitting in the state had been approved.

Is Filtering Legal in FL?

Lane filtering, which is the act of travelling between lanes of stationery or slowly moving traffic in the same direction is permitted in Florida, however, it should not be confused with lane splitting. Lane splitting is not permitted in Florida; however, lane filtering is. Riders must be aware of the distinctions between these two actions and the rules that govern them. While lane filtering, riders are very cautious about their surroundings and do not share lanes for longer and extended periods of time – for this reason only lane filtering is somewhat permissible in Florida.

Is Motorcycle Lane Splitting Legal in Florida?

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Florida?

No, lane splitting of any kind – be it motorcycles or cars is prohibited in Florida. Because imagine two motorcycles sharing one lane on a heavily congested highway at 70mph – what if one motorcyclist completely losses control of the bike and collides into the other motorcyclist since they are moving together in such close proximity anyway.

This could result in severe injuries and chances are it might even result in loss of life. With that being said, the laws governing lane splitting in Florida are very much against it.


Alright, let’s wrap up our talk on lane splitting. Lane splitting is therefore not officially permitted in Florida. That means it’s not officially permitted or regulated by specific laws. In Florida, lane splitting continues to be illegal. Above all, no matter where you’re riding, prioritize safety. Be a responsible rider, keep an eye out for other vehicles, and enjoy the journey while staying within the confines of your lane. Safe travels on the Florida roads!

JD Lipton