Is Homework Illegal in US States? [Answered 2023]

Is homework illegal

Have you ever seen that students are suffering from stress and mental health issues due to homework burdens? A lot of problems regarding school homework have been reported in recent times which has led to a debate regarding the unproductivity of school homework. So is homework illegal or unethical? We explore the legal as well as the ethical dimensions of this debate.

Homework is considered one of the most important parts of the schooling process even in the 21st century. It has been an integral part of schooling since the adaptation of modern learning in 1837. Since that, schools all over the world have been putting a great emphasis on it.

Have you thought about this question and want to get the exact answer? Don’t worry as we have wrapped out this article just to clear doubts regarding this question. You will be able to know about the legality of homework by the end of this blog.

We’ll help you in understanding the reasons for getting homework and why it should or shouldn’t be a part of modern schooling.

Is homework illegal?

It’s completely legal to assign homework to students in all US states, however, there are some states that have enacted laws to limit or in some cases, discourage it. Here is a list of US states that have restricted homework in some way.

US States where homework is restricted
New Jersey

Homework is something that the teacher assigned to a student for practice purposes to be done from the home. It is done to streamline the learning process of the students and keep them engaged with their studies. Homework is not illegal in most countries because the current educational curriculum won’t be completed without it.

It does not create any discrimination whether you’re a student of a basic level class or an advanced level. The only difference is that you may have to do your homework without any restriction from the teacher if you are a higher education student.

Why is homework legal?

homework legal status

In short, it is neither illegal to assign homework nor a crime. As we have mentioned a student’s learning process won’t be completed without homework with efficient results, as per various school staff. Also, there are many reasons why homework isn’t illegal. The main benefit is that homework will keep the students engaged with studies after school time. Also, it helps them to understand the topics of their books on their own to further their understanding.

Is too much homework illegal?

No, too much homework isn’t illegal as there’s no law that limits the amount of homework assigned. Homework is a legal practice that can be given in any quantity. It does not matter how much homework you are getting from your tutor, there will be no legal issues. But we recommend you to assign not much work to your students if you are working as a teacher. It may be a good gesture for you to keep them away from the depression and stress of studies.

Is homework illegal in the UK?

Is homework illegal in the UK

No, homework is not illegal in the UK. But in contrast to the US, homework is not as prevalent of practice in the UK. As reported by the educational department, homework is not a statutory requirement for students in the United Kingdom. It depends on the teacher whether he/she wants to assign homework or not.

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Can I refuse for my children to do homework?

There is no issue if you are restricting your children from doing homework if there’s a solid reason for it. But keep in mind that most schools have strict policies regarding their standards. Remember to work with the teachers & articulate your reasons for refusing homework for your child.

They can downgrade your children if school policies are violated time & again. So, you should need to keep this in mind while refusing your children from doing their school homework.

Is no homework a good idea?

Is no homework a good idea

If alternate ways of independent learning are introduced in our schooling systems, this can be a good idea. School authorities assume that no homework may hinder the student’s learning process and restrict their learning process. A great change in the schooling infrastructure would be required to abandon the concept of homework completely.

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Does homework cause depression or affect sleep?

Normally, the answer to this question is no, but it’s certainly a possibility. Some students have reported that getting extra homework from their teachers takes a toll on their well-being. This is the main reason why people are demanding legal homework rights to provide their children with a comfortable way to learn.

Why do some people discourage homework for their children?

The main issue behind this is that most parents consider it an unnecessary burden. As we have mentioned that many students are reporting depression and stress due to excessive homework it’s the main reason why people discourage homework for their children.

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Is there any no homework law in the US?

Homework is legal according to all jurisdictions of the US and there is no law against it. So, you can say that there is no law that restricts the practice of homework in any state.

Why is homework illegal in the US?

No, homework is not illegal in the United States. Almost every state of the country has no laws to label homework as an illegal activity. With this, you must have got an answer to is homework illegal in California or any other state of the US.

Why should we not ban homework?

ban homework

There aren’t many protests or solid arguments in favor of banning homework, which is a reason it remains unchanged. Banning it may cause your child’s learning skills to deteriorate. It might not be possible for your kids to understand the topic properly and comprehensively for better learning.

Is cheating on homework illegal?

Cheating on homework is not illegal but it can be termed an unethical act, following consequences from school authorities like rustication. If you are copying someone’s homework, it will just waste your time instead of learning. In turn, the core aim of homework will be ruined, which is to aid learning. So, you should do your homework on your own instead of copying from anyone else.

Can I ask someone to do my homework?

No, it isn’t a good idea to ask someone to do your homework as the consequences would be severe if you get caught. It has been seen that students ask their elder siblings or friends to do their homework if they have got excessive work to do, or just aren’t willing to put in the effort. Keep in mind that you should not do this because it will not help you in learning the concerned topic or concept. As a result, you will not be able to secure higher grades in your class.

Who can ban homework for the students?

Normally, the education authorities of the country can ban homework or illegalize it by using legislature. But there is no debate regarding this act because it can damage the learning outcomes of the students. But some schools are free to make their decisions. In all such institutes, the committee can decide on whether they have to ban homework for students or not.

Is homework slavery?

Homework is not a type of slavery if you are asked to do it freely. But it is termed a type of slavery in most regions of the world because it violates the basic laws related to consent. Any act that you have been asked to do forcefully will come under this law. Being a student, you must have been asked to do homework forcefully. In this dimension, you can say that homework is a type of slavery & it’s evident why it’s so unpopular among young students.


In the above blog, we have addressed the debate regarding “Is homework illegal”. We have also discussed almost every aspect related to this topic to make the concept very clear in your mind. You can easily decide whether homework is good for your child or not and understand whether schools ban homework & what would be its consequences.

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