Is Chewing Gum Illegal in Singapore? [2023]

Is Chewing Gum Illegal in Singapore?

 Chewing gum has been around for ages, and it’s become a go-to indulgence for many people. 

Picture this: you pop a piece of gum into your mouth, and suddenly, you’re hit with a burst of flavor that makes your taste buds dance with joy! However, chewing gum isn’t just about the taste. It actually offers some benefits too. For starters, it’s great for your oral health. Lastly, some people also chew gum to de-stress.

But is it illegal in Singapore as have been led to believe?

Is Chewing Gum Illegal in Singapore

Chewing gum isn’t exactly illegal in Singapore, but it’s definitely restricted and tightly regulated. Singapore has some pretty strict rules when it comes to chewing gum. The limits are put in place to maintain Singapore’s cleanliness. They want to maintain cleanliness and orderliness in public spaces. So, while you might not find your favorite chewing gum flavors in the shops there, you’ll definitely see some sparkling clean sidewalks.

Singapore Gum Law

Singapore has some pretty unique regulations when it comes to chewing gum. Back in 1992, they decided to ban the sale and import of regular chewing gum for general consumption. So, you may not find your favorite bubblegum flavors lining the shelves there.

However, it’s not just about the sale and import. It’s also about the proper disposal. You can’t chew gum and then stick it anywhere you please. That would be a big no-no. Improperly disposing of gum, like sticking it on public property or tossing it on the street, is considered littering, and they take littering seriously there.

Why is Gum Banned in Singapore?

Is Chewing Gum Illegal in Singapore?

Back in 1992, the government decided to ban chewing gum altogether. Why? Well, it had a lot to do with the improper disposal of gum and the mess it was causing all over public places. Gum stuck on sidewalks, on public transportation — it was becoming a sticky situation, quite literally. However, in 2004, they eased up a little on the ban.

They made an exception for therapeutic chewing gum that actually has some medicinal benefits. So, if you have a genuine need for dental gum or nicotine gum, you can get your hands on it—but only with a prescription from a registered dentist or doctor.

Punishment for Throwing Gum on Street in Singapore

Chewing gum disposal and other forms of littering are both highly severe offences in Singapore. You might be fined or punished for throwing gum in the street or any other public area. According to the Environmental Public Health Act, Singapore’s littering fines can run from $300 (Singapore dollars) for a first offence to $2,000 for repeated offences. Alternative sanctions include the imposition of corrective work orders and community service.

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What Happens if you Spit Chewing Gum in Singapore?

Is Chewing Gum Illegal in Singapore?

According to the Singapore chewing gum ban, it would be considered littering to spit out chewing gum. When it comes to littering, especially spitting gum, Singapore has severe regulations and a zero-tolerance policy.

Well, in Singapore it is illegal to spit out chewing gum or any other kind of substance, and violators may be subject to punishments and fines. For instance, the first offence of littering might result in a punishment of $300 Singapore dollars, while further offences can result in higher fines.

Is It Illegal to Sell Chewing Gum in Singapore

Is Chewing Gum Illegal in Singapore?

Yes, Singapore forbids the sale and import of chewing gum for general consumption. In 1992, the sale of chewing gum became illegal. The Singapore government decided to ban the sale and import of chewing gum for general consumption.

The ban aimed to discourage the use of chewing gum as a way to reduce gum litter and maintain a clean and orderly environment. It is part of their broader efforts to ensure a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness throughout the country.

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