Dumpster Diving Gamestop | Is it Legal? [2024]

Dumpster Diving Gamestop

 A person with adequate knowledge of gaming equipment would know the worth of older gaming pieces, and will definitely want to locate and sell them for great profits. Dumpster diving serves this goal perfectly. 

Dumpster diving is to search through garbage containers or dumpsters for any kind of valuables. Dumpsters are available at Gamestop locations for the disposal of disregarded items that may or may not be valuable.

Looking for electronics in there is a good idea if you aim to resell and earn from dumpster diving. Especially games, merchandise, collectibles, or any game-related stuff.

Gamestop is a well renowned name in the game retail industry with great customer policies and high end gaming equipment. It’s common for Gamestop stores for discarding lots of this stuff, a source for you to make fast cash by finding some of their expensive gaming accessories.

Is Dumpster Diving At GameStop Worth It?

Yes, it is totally worth it as the store itself is a brand and use all high quality expensive products. Even in their dumpster, you can find valuable gaming equipment. Reselling those goods can make you a pretty good amount.

This is mostly done as a part-time work but it will still be worthy if you are willing to shift full-time to it. Every item found in their trash is of great value.

Tips For Dumpster Diving at GameStop

Is Dumpster Diving At GameStop Worth It

Here are a few tips to help you get valuable stuff from Gamestop dumpsters in less time and with less stress.

  • You should have enough knowledge of gaming equipment
  • You should already make up your mind at what items to pick and skip
  • Keep your phone with you to search info on items you are unaware of
  • Keep a sharp object to open boxes
  • Look for practical items to make more cash
  • Go on weekdays at around 10 am to 12 pm
  • Make sure you are dressed properly for it

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Is It Illegal To Dumpster Dive At Gamestop?

It’s generally considered legal to dumpster dive at retail store dunpster which also include Gamestop. Still the situation and the location will pretty much determine the answer to this question.

Is It Illegal To Dumpster Dive At Gamestop

It’s illegal in the case if the dumpsters of Gamestop are placed on their private property which is guarded by fences, gates, or no trespassing sign boards. In order to dive into that container, you either get the owner’s permission (which is unlikely) or wait until it’s shifted to a public property.

On the contrary, you can comfortably dive into their dumpsters present for the public outside their private property.

What Can You Find In a Gamestop Dumpster?

What Can You Find In a Gamestop Dumpster

The items you can expect to find while dumpster diving at Gamestop are listed below.

  • Video games
  • Video game discs
  • Console accessories
  • Headsets
  • Mouse, keyboards
  • gaming accessories

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Can You Make Money By Dumpster Diving At GameStop?

Yes, it’s a pretty efficient way of making good money if you know what to look for & where. Stay consistent with and look for sellable scraps.

Can You Make Money By Dumpster Diving At GameStop

The ones looking with a clear mindset of what they are doing and knowledge about gaming stuff are capable of making thousands of dollars every month. It is a craft if done with useful acquaintance and protection. Many people are doing it now as their full-time job too.

Does Gamestop Really Throw Away Games?

Does Gamestop Really Throw Away Games

Yes, it’s true that GameStop throws away games. That’s because customer satisfaction is their utmost priority and they abide by keeping any faulty games in the store or something with no user demand.

It’s easier for them to get rid of these stuff then to make up space for it and default their name. The store has strictly instructed their workers to throw away any accessory that might seem defected to the buyers.

What Are The Main Risks Of Dumpster Diving?

With all the benefits you get from dumpster diving, make sure to keep in mind the risks of it too. Some of the main risks include:

  • Getting injured trying to go into the container
  • Cuts are common from any sharp objects like broken glass pieces, any metal, etc
  • You might get ill from the dirt or bacteria
  • It is not always so clean or hygienic

Precautions To Take

While dumpster diving you must take a few precautions to avoid any mishap

  • Wear gloves
  • Be careful and attentive
  • Stay aware of any sharp objects
  • Make sure not to litter and create a mess around the container
  • Wear a mask to avoid getting any allergy or bacteria

What Do You Wear To Dumpster Diving?

Before you depart for your dumpster adventure, ensure to have all the compulsory equipment packed. It’s good if you wear long pants or leggings to ensure your legs are covered, and wear gloves.

Also, wearing sturdy boots can prevent you from getting any foot injury or cuts incase of stepping on a broken glass or sharp object.


Gamestop dumpster diving is a pretty good way to make money in less time for people with good gaming knowledge. Be needful of the objects you want to retain or disregard. You must ensure your safety while dumpster diving to avoid any injuries from sharp objects. Moreover, it is important to stay aware of the legal rules before diving at dumpsters.

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