District Attorney vs Prosecutor 【Key Differences Guide】

District Attorney vs Prosecutor

A district prosecutor is a public officer nominated by the government. Most of the time attorneys come by prevailing elections. District attorneys are responsible for judicial proceedings in the district. Compared to a lawyer, a district attorney is very different. The district attorney deals with only government issues. No one can hire a district attorney.

District attorneys are very important law enforcement officers. The police can not lock anybody without approval from district attorneys or prosecutors. District attorneys prosecute many illegal cases. No one has the power to ask anything to attornies about the criminal prosecution. Only the attorney general can inspect complaints of unfair conduct.

District Attorney has the power to select which types of punishment are applied to criminals. District prosecutors also have the discretion to dismiss the case. Peoples have to get a law degree first and then have to pass the bar examination. After the bar exam, they must practice in one or more jurisdictions. After years of practice, the government allocates good lawyers as district attorneys.

The prosecutor should be persistent and timely in analyzing and resolving criminal charges. A simple lawyer defends the criminal while the prosecutor tries to convince the honorable judges to prove the criminal is guilty.

In short, the prosecutor is an officer who is working for the government. The primary purpose of the prosecutor is to prove criminally what he is charged with.

Key Differences Simplified

District Attorney: A public administrator who works as a prosecutor for the state or the federal regime in court in a respective district.

Prosecutor: Someone, particularly a public officer, who initiates permitted proceedings against a person.


ProsecutorDistrict attorney
A person who conducts investigations and selects which inquiries the law enforcement department makes. A prosecutor leads studies and selects which inquiries the police should make. The examination strives to determine a suspect and decide whether there is satisfactory evidence to file a prosecution.A district attorney is a public bureaucrat nominated or elected to symbolize the state in illegal judicial proceedings in a separate judicial community or county. This nominated or selected officeholder charges cases in a particular judicial district.
A person who seeks or carries on any intention, " 1590s, from Medieval Latin prosecutor, agent noun from prosequi. The specific legal sense of one who gets a case in a tribunal of law" is from the 1620s; earlier such a person was a promoter.

Duty Differences

  • District attorney: A district attorney has the authority to charge somebody with offenses, varying from killing to a minor heist.
  • Prosecutor: Prosecutor has to work with law enforcement officials. Also, he suggests an attorney in court. He also has to conduct appeals.

Salary Differences

  • A District attorney’s pay ranges from 59k$ to 150k per anum.
  • A Prosecutor’s pays range from 63k$ to 95k$ per anum.

How powerful is a district attorney?

A DA is in an immensely powerful position as they decide whether someone will be taken to trial or will their plea bargain be entertained.

A District attorney or Prosecutor?

District attorney or Prosecutor

DA is also called a general prosecutor or in some areas known as a “state’s attorney”. They are much higher & wield more power than a prosecutor.

Who is above the district attorney?

Although the DA isn’t directly answerable to any government official in the USA, the State Attorney General is higher in rank. If they’re any allegations of misconduct, the state attorney general investigates the matter.

Are prosecutors different from lawyers?

prosecutors & lawyers difference

Yes, prosecutors are different from lawyers because lawyers can be hired but prosecutors can’t. Lawyers only defend their clients, but in the case of a prosecutor, he only decides how to charge a person with a crime and prove him guilty in court.

Are lawyers and district attorneys the same?

No lawyers and district attorneys are not same. Lawyers only go to law college and pass the bar exam while district attorneys work in two to three states as deputy district attorneys “DDA”. after gaining too much experience government allocate them as district attorney in a state.

How are district attorneys selected?

DA vs lawyer

They are usually selected through an electoral process. The electing body is constituted of the local constituents that are also represented by the DA themselves. Another practice for their appointment is the selection by the chief executive of that respective jurisdiction.

How many US district attorneys are there?

There are about 93 DAs in the United States collectively for each individual state. Whereas Guam and the Northern Marianas are exceptions as there’s a single U.S attorney serving there.

Is a prosecutor’s job hard?

District Attorney vs Prosecutor job difficulty

Yes, the job of the prosecutor is very hard, very stressful, and tough. Every year the government announces seats for attorneys. Despite the low salaries and tough jobs, people are willing to get allocated this seat.


District attorneys and prosecutors are the same things but attorneys never deal with federal cases. Federal prosecutors only deal with federal prosecution. Federal prosecutors are also known as united states attorneys.

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