Charge For Domestic Violence [Jail Time & Penalties] 2023

Charge For Domestic Violence

 A pattern of violent behavior used by one person to dominate and control another is referred to as domestic violence. 

Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of domestic violence prevalent in our society today, and it affects people and families from all backgrounds. The COVID-19 pandemic has also exacerbated the issue, since many victims of domestic abuse are now more alone, under financial strain, and have less access to support services.

Being a serious offense, domestic violence is not taken lightly in US courts. The American legal system has placed serious punishments in response to domestic abuse charges that are meant to discourage such violent behavior from one individual to another. These charges may include hefty fines, community service & jail time. We cover all the penalties & much much more in detail below regarding domestic violence so read on.

What Is The Charge For Domestic Violence?

Depending on the jurisdiction and the seriousness of the offence, such as physical or sexual assault, stalking, or harassment, the penalties for domestic violence
may change usually ranging from a 3 month to 1 year of jail time with heavy fines.

Domestic abuse is often a crime that can be prosecuted and punished with a variety of measures, including fines, probation, community service, and even imprisonment. The age and vulnerability of the victim, the defendant’s criminal history, and the use of a weapon may all have an impact on the charge.

Domestic Violence Charges By State

Despite the fact that domestic abuse is a felony under federal law, each state has its own laws governing the exact punishments. The laws that apply to domestic violence charges vary from state to state. Here we list domestic violence charges by state for all major US states below.

TennesseeFine of about $2,500
Jail sentence of 11 months and 29 days
WashingtonFine of about $5,000
Jail sentence of 1 year
CaliforniaFine of about $6,000
Jail sentence of 1 year
TexasFine of about $4,000
Jail sentence of 1 year
New YorkFine of about $5,000
Jail sentence of 1 year
FloridaFine of about to $1,000
Jail sentence of 1 year
PennsylvaniaFine of about $5,000
Jail sentence of 1 year
MissouriFine of about $1,000
Jail sentence of 1 year
MarylandFine of about $2,500
Jail sentence of 1 year
WisconsinFine of about $10,000
Jail sentence of 9 months
OhioFine of about to $1,000
Jail sentence of 6 months
MassachusettsFine of about $5,000
Jail sentence of 2.5 years
IndianaFine of about $10,000
Jail sentence of 2.5 years
IllinoisFine of about $2,500
Jail sentence of 1 year
GeorgiaFine of about $1,000
Jail sentence of 1 year
MichiganFine of about $1,000
Jail sentence of 93 days
North CarolinaFine of about $5,000
Jail sentence of 2 years
New JerseyFine of about $1,000
Jail sentence of 6 months
VirginiaFine of about $2,500
Jail sentence of 1 year
ArizonaFine of about $2,500
Jail sentence of 6 months

However, it’s important to remember that these are general examples and penalties for domestic violence, it’s recommended to seek the advice of a qualified legal professional.

Is Domestic Violence a Felony?

Is Domestic Violence a Felony

A domestic violence charge is considered a felony if the victim has suffered physical harm as a result of the abuse.

A felony is a major criminal offence that is normally punished by a sentence of imprisonment that lasts more than one year or, in certain countries, by even more extreme measures. Murder, aggravated assault, burglary, drug trafficking, and fraud are some examples of felonies.

Jail Time For Domestic Violence

The jail time for domestic abuse might range anywhere from 3 months to an year, or in some cases even more depending upon the nature of the assault. Depending on the nature of the assault, the legal consequences for domestic violence vary in jail terms.

Jail Time For Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse is frequently charged as a felony, which carries a maximum prison term of more than a year. Nonetheless, in some instances, domestic violence may be categorized as a misdemeanor, which typically involves a term of less than one year in jail.

How Much Time Can You Get For Domestic Violence In NY?

In New York, while a felony conviction might result in several years in prison, a first-time misdemeanor conviction for domestic abuse can result in up to one year in jail. In New York, domestic abuse is taken very seriously, and conviction could result in severe sentences. It’s important to remember that these punishments are merely general guidelines, and the judge’s discretion and the specific details of the case will determine the actual sentence.

How Long Do You Go To Jail For Domestic Violence In California?

To simply answer this question, California law stipulates a required minimum sentence of three years in state prison for anyone convicted of domestic abuse.

How Much Is a Domestic Violence Charge In Louisiana?

In Louisiana, a conviction for domestic abuse carries a potential term of up to 10 years in prison as well a fine of up to $10,000. Furthermore, for those who have previously been convicted of a domestic battery allegation within the preceding 10 years and are found guilty of domestic abuse again, Louisiana imposes a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years in prison for those individuals.

How To Beat a Domestic Violence Charge? (If you’re wrongly convicted)

How To Beat a Domestic Violence Charge

Contacting an attorney is necessary if someone believes that they have been charged for domestic violence wrongfully. Moreover, the attorney will gather evidence, look into the situation, challenge the accuser’s credibility, and then negotiate a plea deal that minimizes the potential repercussions of a conviction.

Don’t Miss Penalty for False Accusation of Domestic Violence

What Is The Lowest Charge Of Assault?

The least severe assault is classified as a Class C Misdemeanor. The lowest level of assault, however, is generally referred to as “simple assault” or “assault in the third degree.” This can involve making someone feel unsafe, attempting to hurt them, or engaging in threatening behavior.

How Long Does Domestic Violence Case Last?

Investigations, pre-trial hearings, plea bargaining, and trials are just a few of the different legal processes that may be involved in domestic violence laws. A plea deal or settlement agreement may help a domestic violence case be settled swiftly in specific circumstances. The procedure, however, can take several months or even years to complete in more complicated situations.

How Long Does a Domestic Violence Charge Stay On Your Record?

Domestic abuse charges will typically remain on your criminal record forever unless you are able to have it sealed or expunged.

How Do Most Domestic Abuse Cases End?

The majority of the time, the accused will submit a guilty plea and agree to a plea bargain, which may include a lower sentence or other penalties. In other situations, a judge or jury may decide the case and render a verdict of guilty or innocent for the defendant.

Can a Victim Drop Charges In Arizona?

Can a Victim Drop Charges

Domestic abuse victims in Arizona can’t withdraw their charges once they have been filed. Regardless of the victim’s preferences, the prosecutor must decide whether to press charges against the accused because domestic violence is a crime against the state and humanity as well.


Millions of people are impacted by this grave and widespread issue each year. Therefore, required actions should be taken to eliminate this crime. To eliminate domestic violence or assault family violence charges entirely, tiers of government, communities, and citizens need to make a coordinated effort. We can make the world safer and more just for everyone if we cooperate and adopt a comprehensive strategy.

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