Best Stores For Dumpster Diving [15 Best Locations] 2023

Best stores for dumpster diving

 Dumpster diving is not without its hazards and advantages. If you’re ready to get your hands filthy and try your luck, it’s a risk that could pay off handsomely. 

The practice of recovering trash from dumpsters and looking for anything with residual value is known as dumpster diving. It was once only done by people looking for free items for their personal use.

Dumpster diving, eventually, has become a trend of making part-time income for many people. It’s best for beginners to start their treasure-hunting experience from retail stores. As these stores are the best places for such act with less risk and more chance of finding a good amount of items. In this article, we have mentioned different store options to go for your dumpster dive adventure.

Best Stores For Dumpster Diving 2023

Without any further ado, let’s dive right into the list of best stores for dumpster diving, ranging from grocery to pet stores and game shops. Following is the list of the best stores for dumpster diving.

Bath And Body Works

dumpster diving Bath And Body Works

Bath and body work sells everything from soaps, lotions, scents, and candles. Their product selection at each location is also customized according to the area and the local clientele.

Hence, it can be exciting as you may find any unexpected items. The majority of the Bath and body works returned, unwanted or broken packages end up in the dumpsters.


Game stop dumpsters are a delight for gaming fans. Whether you are looking for gaming accessories for your personal use or reselling purposes, it’s the best place for you. Game stop is a brand itself and produces all high-quality and expensive gaming accessories for its customer satisfaction.

Check Out Dumpster Diving Gamestop

Hence, any gadget you find at Gamestop dumpster is probably expensive and high-end, and will make you a good bucks.


dumpster diving target

Target is one of the biggest retail stores in USA with almost everything you need including food, tools, household stuff, merchandise, etc. Hence, you can find a variety of items in their dumpsters. Make sure to look for items that may be valuable or resalable.

Best Buy

There are high chances of finding all kinds of valuable electronics you can think of in the dumpster at Best buy. It’s highly recommended to start your adventure at Best buy if that’s the kind of stuff you’re looking for.

The most beneficial hunting could be for electronic devices and gadgets, as they can be used for personal uses as well as for making a handsome income. These products are highly valuable and hence resalable whether in stores or online at a good rate.


dumpster diving Walmart

As a beginner, Walmart is one of the best places to dumpster dive to start your diving adventure. You may find great items including clothing, furniture items, accessories, and electronics.

The dumpsters at Walmart are almost never empty, however, most of the items are good for personal use only. If you get a good luck, you may find valuable goods at your side that would make you a good money.

Dollar General

Dollar general is another great stop for dumpster diving lovers. It might get very exciting as you never know what items you will find there. It might not be very good for making high incomes but is surely a good experience spot.


Michael stores contain the items you need for scrapbooks, home décor, framing, and arts and craft. If you are a creative person, you might find some pretty usable stuff in their dumpsters for your personal use. However, there won’t be much expensive products here. Moreover you need to be precautious of any sharp objects or broken glass that might cause an injury.


dumpster diving Costco

Costco is a huge place where everything is available from groceries to furniture. They are known for their customer satisfaction hence, any damaged product of packaging goes to their dumpsters. It is a good place for finding valuable items for making money.

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Sally Beauty

You don’t only find pretty high-end makeup at Sally beauty dumpsters but it might also contain expensive hair products, and accessories including brushes, curlers or straighteners.


Sephora is a dream of many makeup lovers. The ones unable to afford can take advantage from dumpster diving at their places. You may find all kinds of makeup, cosmetics, or perfumes and use them for either your personal use or resale them for good price.

T.J. Maxx

dumpster diving TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx sells discounted designer products including home décor items, clothing, and much more. It’s dumpsters are hidden treasures if you look properly with patience.


It may be a delightful experience for pet lovers and owners to dive in PetSmart dumpsters. You may find good products if you are lucky and you can either keep the items for your pets or resale them.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s secret is one of the top names in lingerie industry. It’s items in the trash even are in good condition. So, it’s a golden chance to dig deep for your desired items either you wanna use them for yourself or sell them online or at thrift stores.


Lowes is one of the best retail stores to dumpster dive as they are selling almost everything from tools to décor, gears, household items, etc. Due to its great return and refund policy, bulk items end up in their dumpsters, so you never know when your luck might help you make handsome bucks.

Home Depot

Home depots covers a vast amount of hardware and home improvement items and so does their dumpsters. It’s another spot that dumpster divers should keep on their lists to check out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ve addressed some questions you might have regarding this topic.

How Do You Successfully Dumpster Dive?

How do you successfully dumpster dive tips

Here are a few tips for dumpster diving:

  • Visit more than 5 dumpster sites in a day
  • Go to the place where you can find your desired items
  • Look patiently
  • Bring the proper supplies

What Do You Wear For Dumpster Diving?

Your attire firstly depends on the weather, wear rain gear or warm clothing as needed. Try to wear bottoms that cover your legs and hand gloves to avoid any injury from sharp objects. Wear sturdy boots, bring a dive stick, a bag, and a face mask.

Where Is Dumpster Diving Most Common?

It’s very common to see places with dumpster now a days. Dumpster diving is pretty common in places like:

  • Grocery stores
  • Retail stores
  • Brand stores
  • Marts
  • Makeup stores
  • Electronic shops
  • Thrift shops
  • Apartment complexes


Dumpster diving is eventually getting common and becoming a part time income source for people. It can be a pretty good earning source if done the right way. Make sure to take precautions for your safety and be mindful of the legal rules.

JD Lipton