Are Fireworks Illegal in Ireland? [LATEST Law] 2024

Are Fireworks Illegal in Ireland?
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Are fireworks illegal in Ireland?

Yes, the private use, possession & transport of fireworks is illegal in Ireland & any violation may have heavy fines imposed on you & even possible jail time for endangering public safety.

When did Ireland ban fireworks?

Fireworks were officially banned for private use in Ireland in 2006. This ban was enacted to ensure public safety and prevent accidents that could arise from untrained individuals handling fireworks.

How do I report fireworks in Ireland?

To report the misuse of fireworks, contact your local Garda (police) station. Reporting such incidents helps to safeguard public safety and prevent potential harm.

What is the penalty for fireworks in Ireland?

Are Fireworks Illegal in Ireland

The penalties for possessing, selling, or using fireworks in Ireland without a proper license can be severe. Offenders can face hefty fines and potential imprisonment.

What sort of fireworks are legal?

While fireworks are generally illegal for private use in Ireland, there are exceptions. Specifically, certain types of fireworks, known as Category 4 fireworks, are legal for use by trained professionals. Category 4 fireworks are designed for professional displays and require specialized knowledge and expertise to handle safely.

What are Category 4 fireworks?

Category 4 fireworks are classified as high-hazard fireworks intended for professional use. These fireworks are typically used in large-scale public displays, where trained pyrotechnicians follow strict safety protocols to ensure a safe and controlled environment. Category 4 fireworks are not available for general public use and require a specific license to handle and operate.

Are fireworks legal in Dublin?

Are Fireworks Illegal in Ireland

As with the rest of Ireland, fireworks for private use are illegal in Dublin. However, public displays organized by professionals with the necessary licenses and safety measures in place are permitted. These displays offer an opportunity for communities to enjoy the spectacle of fireworks while ensuring public safety.

How do you dispose of fireworks in Ireland?

Disposing of fireworks safely and responsibly is of utmost importance in Ireland. If you have unused or expired fireworks, it is crucial not to attempt to use or ignite them.

Attempting to dispose of fireworks without professional assistance can be extremely dangerous and should be avoided.

What are F1 fireworks?

F1 fireworks are a specific category of fireworks defined by the European Standard EN 15947. These fireworks are typically small and intended for use in confined spaces. While F1 fireworks may be legally available in some other European countries, they are generally not permitted for private use in Ireland due to safety concerns.

Fireworks license in Ireland

Are Fireworks Illegal in Ireland

To legally handle and operate fireworks in Ireland, individuals or organizations must obtain a fireworks license. This license is issued by the Department of Justice and Equality and requires applicants to demonstrate the necessary expertise and safety measures. Licensed professionals can then organize public displays, ensuring that fireworks are used safely and responsibly.


In conclusion, the use of fireworks in Ireland is regulated to prioritize public safety and prevent accidents. While fireworks are illegal for private use, trained professionals with proper licenses can organize public displays using Category 4 fireworks.

It is essential to report any instances of illegal fireworks and to dispose of unused fireworks responsibly. By adhering to the regulations and guidelines, we can ensure the enjoyment of fireworks while safeguarding the well-being of individuals and communities in Ireland.

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