Are ferrets illegal in New York? [ANSWERED 2023]

Are ferrets illegal in New York?

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Are ferrets illegal in New York?

Yes, ferrets being exotic animals are illegal in New York & require licenses to keep as pets.

Are Ferrets Considered Exotic Animals?

When it comes to categorizing animals as exotic, the definition can vary. In the case of ferrets, their status as exotic animals depends on the jurisdiction. While some states and countries allow ferret ownership without any restrictions, others impose regulations or outright bans.

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Ferret Ban in New York

Are ferrets illegal in New York?

This ban was implemented in the 1990s due to concerns about ferrets potentially escaping or being released into the wild, where they could establish feral populations and potentially disrupt local ecosystems.

What Happens if You Get Caught with a Ferret in NY?

It is important to note that even if someone possesses a ferret with the intention of temporarily passing through New York, such as during travel, they can still face penalties if discovered. It is advisable for ferret owners to avoid bringing their pets into the state to prevent legal complications.


By understanding and adhering to the regulations, we can ensure the harmony between responsible pet ownership and the preservation of New York’s natural ecosystem.

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