STOP STRESSING ABOUT YOUR LEGAL PROBLEMS. SEARCH FOR A SOLUTION INSTEAD! is a promising online legal publication that covers an immense range of legal topics. You can expect to find everything pertaining to the legal system, legal terms, guides & the legality of various things & practices. We compare, observe, highlight & explain complex legal matters & simplify them for the common layman. We have a highly accomplished & experienced team of writers & researchers from the legal field, that bring forth verified & authentic info. Still, we suggest that you consult a professional legal expert & do not make decisions solely on the basis of the content found on this site, as it’s meant for education not legal advice.

ABOUT WHAT IS NOT LEGAL is a site that’s dedicated to enhancing legal literacy among the global masses. Hence you don’t see us sticking to the legal matters of a single country or state, which is because we try to be as inclusive as possible. We try extensively to cover as much content as possible. How we prioritize what content to offer is by checking out what are the most frequently demanded legal topics. Our experts use advanced research tools to determine that & bring forth important & relevant legal information.

What’s Our Mission?

Since recent times, the need for legal information has grown tremendously. It is more important now then ever to know your legal rights as a citizen so someone so the misuse of authority at the hands of questionable individuals may not be normalized. Also, our goal is to provide you with all the legal remedies the legal system has to offer if you’re convicted of a crime. So, all in all we aim to educated everyone we can about legal matters & the field of law.

What We Offer?

We offer legal resources to our readers so they may understand the law better. You can also contact us if there’s any further queries that our articles haven’t answered, or you’re looking for topical explanations or opinions about law. We can also help you in finding legal help if you’re not sure where to find it. is determined to go the extra mile to really make a difference for our community of readers & help them where needed. Note that none of the above services constitute legal advice.

Our Team

What is Not Legal has a great in-house team including writers, lawyers, attorneys & legal experts, along with a few independent contributing writers. We also accept legal pieces from readers, provided that they posses the mandatory education & writing skills required. The team is much like a family that wants the best for it’s community & promote a social environment that’s more legally aware.

What to expect?

Be ready for legal guides that are in depth. So, it’s apparent that each time you visit us you’ll leave better aware of your rights & the law in general. That’s all we want! That’s why unlike most legal blog sites, we actually have a support system for our readers that genuinely helps them in learning. Let us grow into a community that knows the law & respects it.

Why Is Legal Knowledge So Important?

It is absolutely essential to know the law & your rights. This is how you’ll be in a perfect position to legally defend yourself or your community if the need arises. Also, it’s generally good to be well versed in law, as it naturally makes you a better adapted individual with their respective society.

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